Column JA2


Playing with proportions, surface textures and materials, British designer John Astbury creates two shelves, each with a different yet harmonious expression inspired by classical architectural columns. Bringing new meaning to the idiom, “There’s a place for everything and everything in its place,” the long, gently rounded rectangular shelf and the smaller, rounded shelf are offered in either black anodised aluminium and oiled walnut or hand-polished and waxed aluminium. Pair at varying heights, mount alone or hang in multiples.

Brand:  &Tradition
Designer:  John Astbury
Material:  Aluminium or aluminium with solid walnut
Colour: Aluminium or Black aluminium & Walnut
Delivery:   1 - 2 weeks
Measurements: H:17cm/6.7in, D: 25cm/9.8in, L: 80cm/21.5in



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